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Application Example

Case-study of high efficiency turbo blower

Palsana Enviro Protection Ltd ETP in Surat in India

Petroleum Conservation Research Association

Energy Saving

PEPL is a centralized effluent treatment plant in Surat, India which is collecting and treating 100MLD effluents from 120 nearby textile plants. PEPL replaced their old lobe type blowers to turbo blower in 2012. The energy audit was conducted by government institute of India and the result indicated 47% energy savings. PEPL is fully satisfied of low maintenance, low noise and no vibration environment.

Lobe type PD blower
(K Company)
Tubo Blower
(Turbo MAX)
Number of unit 7 2
Total Flow(㎥/h) 19,200 19,200
Pressure(bar) 0.6 0.6
Motor Power(hp) 120 X 7 = 840 250 X 2 = 500
Energy Saving/yr 264.84 X 24h X 365days = 1,1600,000 kWh 47%
Payback 10 months