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Best Energy Saving Solution

Effect of Application

the initial investment cost is relatively higher than the conventional PD blower,
but the difference will soon be reduced through operating costs and soon profitable.

Power consumption in waste water treament process

Power consumption ratio at typical wastewater treatment plant

The power usage in the typical wastewater treatment plant. The process air for the aeration uses 50-60% of the total power consumed in the plant.

The benefit of high efficiency equipment

Cost share for blower life span

In the Life-Cycle Cost analysis of the blower, the energy cost is more than 80% of the total cost.
Capital cost is just small piece of pie.

Economic effect

  • Breakthrough energy saving of 30 ~ 50% or more compared to conventional PD blower
  • Modular system enables fast maintenance
  • Minimal maintenance costs due to no maintenance such as oil change
  • 30 ~ 50% lower price compared to intergral gear or magnetic-type turbo blower

Environmental effect

  • Eco-friendly equipment with significantly lower vibration and noise
  • Compact design maximizes space utilization
  • No contamination from oil or grease

Technical effect

  • Wide range of turn-down by controlling the speed of the blower
  • Increased aeration effect due to lower efficiency of discharge air temperature