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The air bearing is the integral parts that determine the reliability and durability of the high speed turbo blower. NSTB technology sets apart from other competing air bearings. With nano silver particle coating and 3 stage OTT heat treatment, we have significantly improved the durability, elasticity and abrasion characteristic of the air bearing. This has drastically improved the ON/OFF durability of the air bearing.

Nano Silver Coating

Adding the Nano Silver particle coating layer to the existing Teflon(PTFE) coating to lower the abrasion. This has significantly extended the life of the air-bearing. The nano silver particles have improved the abrasion characteristic of Teflon (PTFE) coatings.

Optimized 3-stage Heat Treatment

The mechanical property of the typical bump bearing material was formed from 2-stage heat treatment. When there are frequent on/offs required in the applications, the over-worked bump material could be fatigued, cracked or deformed. On the other hand, TurboMAX NSTB went through 3-stage OTT(Optimized Triple Heat Treatment) to increased the hardness and the yield strength of the bump material. The NSTB has significantly improved the recovery elasticity and material durability for the frequent on/offs needed in today’s processes.

NSTB Effect

Improvement of Abrasion, Elasticity and Durability

Because of the outstanding elasticity of NSTB, the bearing curvature form and contact area of NTSB can be maximized compared to other bump bearings even at the frequent On/Offs. Additionally, the abrasion characteristic has improved the wearing of the coating is 1/5th of the old coating.

The life of ON/OFF have drastically increased

When tested NSTB in 400hp model, there was 30% wore on the coating without any deformation of the bearing after 55,000 On/Offs. The expected On/Off life of the NSTB is over 100,000 on 400hp model. The On/Off life of smaller models are much higher.