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Core Technology

Air Bearing

  • Self levitation via high speed rotation
  • Simple structure without oil or lubrication auxiliary
  • No maintenance due to non-contact and non-wear
  • No vibration through non-contact rotation and low noise
  • Sufficient on/off durability
  • Bump-type air bearing with high loading and damping capability

Optimized design for high efficiency

Simple Transfer of Energy.
With one body rotor-impeller connection, the transfer of energy is simplified to minimize the loss of energy.
By use of air bearing that does not need oil lubrication, no periodic maintenance is needed.

High efficiency impeller design

  • Impeller is rotated at high speed to compress the air. Good impeller design is directly affecting the good compressor efficiency.
  • The impeller design used in the turbo blower has 3 targets: wide TDR(Turn-down Ratio), sufficient RTS(Rise to surge) and maintain the high compression efficiency. The MAX series impellers provide sufficient RTS and 40~100% TDR while maintain high compression efficiency.
  • Impellers are cut with the 5-axis machining to precisely duplicate the design and realize the intended design efficiency.
  • Using forged Aluminum (Al7075-T6) as the impeller material to gain the material strength while no cracks or porosities found in castings.
  • Anodized coating insures surface hardness.

High Speed motor

  • Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor : PMSM-proven most efficient motor
  • The physical size of the motor frame can be kept much smaller than ordinary induction motor at high power.
  • Accurate speed control without sensor
  • Direct connection with impeller means zero power transmission loss