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Cooling Technology

High-Speed motor cooling technology

High-speed motors for turbo machines are small in size but produce great power. Therefore, it is necessary to apply the cooling method best suited for your machines capacity and usage. Keeping the motor coll will greatly affect the motor output and longevity.
Patent No. 10-0675821
“Cooling Structure for Turbo Machines with High-Speed Motors”

Air Cooling System
Below 300hp model

Oil-free cooling system through cooling-channel design technology that naturally circulates the inhaled air, fficiently cooling electronic equipment such as Variable Frequency Driver (VFD) for high-speed motor control. Improving durability by efficient cooling in the package system is the core technology of TurboMAX.

Water Cooling System
Above 350hp model

With the closed loop cooling system, there is no separate cooling line connected to the outside, and there is no need for additional cooling water supply facility. In addition, there is no need for a separate cooling fan because the radiater is cooled by passing the inhaled air.